Sunday, March 25, 2012

Windy Tagasaki

Is everybody Genki? I'm Genki because I get to e-mail you all again this week! This week I had a few fun experiences but the biggest one that comes to mind at the moment is last wednesday I felt my first Earthquake. It was about a 2.5 so not very big but it was weird experience. They've been pretty frequent these past few weeks all across the mission but we're not too worried. President Albrecht made a new Earthquake preparedness plan and we're all certain the Lord will protect us. My Trainer Elder Albrethsen was here when the Earthquake hit las year. He'd only been in the field 2 weeks! After the Earthquake he went to Kobe and then came back. Crazy yeah? The pictures This week are of the Area. It's absolutely gorgeous here.

Not to mention really windy!! It's crazy how windy it is. I've nearly been blow over on my bike more times than i can count. It's a lot of fun. if you get at the right angle your suit coat acts like a sail and you can get going really fast! IT's truly epic. Takasaki downtown is really great too. This area is a pretty good mix of city and country. We even get really good mountains in our area.

That's me and my trainer. Yeah i got another haircut and yeah i don't love it =) ha ha that's not important though. The work is what's important.

This past week was a hard week because we didn't really manage to find the amount of people we were really hoping to find but we kept planting seed all week long. Well yesterday we went out and we found almost immediately 2 people who want to meet again. Just goes to show that the Lord blesses those who are diligent and that he has prepared people in every are to hear the Gospel. It's a lot of fun going out to find those people. This transfer we're focusing on creativity and we've got some really great ideas for ways to meet people. We're really excited. I'll update everyone after we try a few ideas. Well I have to go. Study time is calling but i'll be sure to write some more adventures next week. Take care everyone.

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