Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Great Week In Tagasaki

This week was a crazy busy week from the start but we did a lot of fun things this week!
For starters we went to Oizumi. This is a picture of my district!! they are the best ha ha. 
Then the next day we went to 肉の日 which was amazing! A member family took us and the Sisters and we ate yakiniku. That is me with a plate of meat. you BBQ it a little grill that's built into the table. It was so good!! I love Japanese food so much. 
That's me with some Samurai. Way cool right? 
On Friday we drove around trying to a members house in the rain over buy Takasaki Eki and we found this!! This wall is all advertisements for food. Now what you can't see is that the building next to it is all restaraunts one per floor! and it was about 10 stories tall. There is so much good food here. Ha Ha i've stopped losing weight. It's bad.
Then finally this Saturday was Hinamatsuri. It's a day for girls basically but look at these dolls. They set this up at a members house. Isn't it so pretty? 
may fifth is the otokonomatsuri. That'll be fun i think. I hope i'm still here in Takasaki then. =)
This week was a good week for us because we got to meet with our investigators a lot and really work with them towards getting baptized All of the people we teach are so cool!! We're really lucky this week because we get to go to the Temple. We're going to spend the rest of our P-day
time in Tokyo so we can go to the Temple and then go to a couple other places not sure yet but we're going to plan tonight. In a few weeks we're going to go to Niko though and see temples. That'll be way cool!! That's the update for this week.
I love you all. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. I feel them and they really do help.

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