Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello everyone!!! This week was a great week for the Mission. On Tuesday we got to hear from Elder Oaks!! It was a really motivational talk and we all feel charged to keep finding people ( making friends is what we now like to call it).  We also got a chance to see people we came to the field with ( doki ) so that was a lot of fun. We really got to apply what we learned since this week we had lots of time to just go streeting. No one new yet but we planted seeds =). I went on splits to Kumagaya again on Wednesday and then Friday we all went to Zone Conference. That was a lot of fun. We have really cool zone leaders and of course our mission president and his wife are the greatest! I got my Meshi ( name card/ business card. They are a big deal here in Japan), and my new name tag. 
Then yesterday we had a party at the Miyakawa family's home. Look at the amount of food!! Elder Albrethsen was enjoying the massage chair for a bit. There were several families there so it was a lot of fun. We got to share with the families about missionary work and kindle a little "Dendo Fire" They are all so great. 
This week we'll be doing some other great things like (肉の日 niku no hi) (NIKU means meat and HI means day) every month on the 29th which in japanese 2 is NI and 9 is KYUU it's niku no hi!! so it'll be a special leap year for me as i go to an all you can eat meat buffet with the Mita Family =) haha i'll be sure to send pics next week.
The mission is a fun experience and we do lots of partying in Takasaki, but don't think that we aren't working hard. When we aren't partying we are out teaching and finding. =)
Our message is special and we really get to share it with the world. I love you all and i'm so thankful for your support.

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