Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day!! more pictures and a short e-mail this week sorry everyone!
Tonight Elder Albrethsen and I are going to Machida to spend the night
Elder Oaks is coming tomorrow morning and we have to be there early!! =)
First off Valentines Day Mawari.
We visited less actives, Investigators and members in rediculous costumes and took them valentines
and sang love one another. Best day ever. we went with the Suzuki family. If you didn't notice i'm mickey =)
after a long day of traveling around we went to tsukiya which is the most delicious gyudon restaraunt ever!
Then the second picture is a delicious bowl of Sukiyaki that i ate while on splits. 
That night i taught a beginner english class in a hospital =), strange experience, but we were (well i was Elder Kyotani is japanese so he was a student) subbing
for the normal teacher. The hospital paid him but couldn't pay us since we were missionaries so one of the members took us out to dinner with the money. Sukiyaki is soooo goood!!!
The last is a book cover for my huge quad that was made one of the members in our ward. The same one who made us the food that i took a picture of last week! (sister kudo). She's amazing!! Isn't it so cool looking??
That's the big adventures this week. I love you all.

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