Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loving Japan

Here are a few pictures, I can't add as many as I would like to, so these are some of the coolest ones and I'll add a few everyweek as often as I can!! Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to bike all the way back to Tamamuramachi to Iikura again. Good thing that we weren't fasting this time. We did the whole trip in about 3 hours instead of the killer 5 it took last week.

This is my companion Elder Albrethsen. It's a bad picture but the wind was crazy and right as I took the picture we almost blew away.

This is me just chilling in the parking lot as we got ready to return to Takasaki.

These are our bikes. Mine is the Blue one on the right. (crazy fact. The handbrakes on bilkes are backwards here!! if you buy a bike in japan do not pull the right brake first or you're going to flip over the handlebars. I didn't think it would be that hard to break the habbit of squeezing the right brake but it's super hard!!)

 Following our trip to iikura we had a Shokujikai with Kudo shimai and the sister missionaries. She made us some magical tempura. Just look at it doesn't look amazing?? It was amazing!! The Ward members totally love us here.

The Baskets are full of food for the missionaries. one basket for us. one for the sisters. Despite all of the magical food, including the curry i'm eating right now. I'm losing weight! 3 pounds this week =) yosh!

The crazy picture of all the spears is a sweet thing we have in the Genkan (entry way) of our apartment. We have crazy stuff like that all over the place! it's super great!.
That was pretty much the big adventures of this week. but I do have something great to share. This week we have 2 new investigators. one who's progressing and taking the lessons and is super amazing. And the other who called and wants to meet with us Thursday so we can talk more about our beliefs with him. Elder Albrethsen, I and the Lord are making amazing things happen in this area. I'm sure I'll have great things to say in the next few weeks. Well I love you all. Thanks again for the support.
Have a great week!!

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