Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bolivia, Brazil & BBQ

This week was a really hectic week. It was the start of a great week for us in the Mission. These next 4 weeks may be some of the busiest weeks I'll have an opportunity to see in the Mission. We all had the opportunity to go to multi-zone meetings and hear from our mission president. Which is always a treat. You will not believe it but we met in this building. 
Yes that is a church building. It's six stories tall I think and it isn't even the biggest in the mission. I'm not sure exactly why they aren't like this in America. Don't worry they don't all look like this here. but they will soon. =) 
I had a cool opportunity to experience a miracle yesterday. We went to Tamamura-machi again (by bike) to visit an investigator who we hadn't contacted in a while. She wasn't home but a family from Bolivia was moving out and my comp, being half Mexican he asked if we could help. They accepted and they were one of the coolest families i've ever met on my mission. We spoke a mix of Japanese, English, Spanish and even a little Portuguese. (every time we go to Tamamura-machi it's a similar experience with the language. I've now taken up Spanish along with Japanese. Call me crazy.) We talked for a bit and they gave us their information so we could refer them to other missionaries, We were completely in the right place at the right time. So after that awesome experience and having a wonderful Sunday. (We watch general conference next week in Japanese so it was regular church for us.) We had a Zone P-day today in Oizumi ( which like i said before is basically Brazil so similar language experience) we got to BBQ and play sports like American Football and Ultimate Frisby and stuff with all the missionaries in the zone. About 25 I think. It was a blast. Doesn't the food look great!!
It was a good fun way to kick off another week for us. We have to work hard we only have 2 or so weeks left in the Transfer i think. Crazy right? I just hit my 2 month mark in Japan! Well now winding down from the day and e-mailing.  Next is a picture of a Sakura ( cherry blossom) they just started blooming here in Japan so within the next two weeks you'll all get a chance to see how pink it gets. 
Well That's all I have time for this week. Take care of yourselves everyone.  I love you all and thank you all for the support,

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