Monday, October 28, 2013

Transfer Calls and Earthquakes

Sorry it's been awhile. I feel like I can't keep using the same excuse but to be honest I just haven't had to get a sufficient ammount of pictures and thoughts and put them together into a cohesive, enjoyable, easy to read blast message. So let me make up for the past few weeks by sharing the advenstures we've had this week!
Well a few people have asked me about the Earthquake we had a few days ago. It registered as a 7 and I'm guessing it made the news in America. Truth is it barely touched the news in Japan. Earthquakes happen here all the time. I've lost count of how many times I've felt them. There still super strange to me. This one however was the first one to get my heart pumping a little. It hit off the coast but almost the whole country felt it. Here in Oyama we got a 4 for sure. The information in this picture was posted following the Earthquake.

It hit us at about 2:30 in the morning and Elder Justesen and I managed to somehow both wake up right before it hit. It didn't really feel very big for the first few seconds. Then it got bad enough for us to stand up and move for the Desks when it ended. We both looked at each other with the same facial expression. That was exciting! We went back to bed and slept great! Totally normal. Nothing fell down and no one go hurt. It was a little exciting though.

This past week we also had our last District Meeting and I had my last district meeting as a District Leader in Oyama. I'm being transferred. My new home will be Matsudo! I'm going to the biggest church building in the Mission. Some of you may remember my pictures of it before. It's about 6 stories tall and has a Basketball Court on the top floor! I'm going to be with one of my favorie Elders, Elder Young. He's from Australia and we're going to be Zone Leaders! I think we may also be working with a new Elder, Elder Day. He's on his 2nd Transfer. A lot of things are happening! Oyama will have 6 missionaries. 3 Sisters 3 Elders. Elder Justesens new companion is coming from Niigata and their going to train a new missionary!

I've been really priviledged to work in such an amazing district this past transfer. I've learned a lot and grown a lot from the powerful testimonies they all have, and the miracles that I've seen as a district leader here in Oyama have helped me to realize that "God has not ceased to be God of Miracles." - (Mormon 9:16) I'm really quite sad to leave Oyama. Oyama ward has been almost like family to me and I really love the Investigators here. Hopefully Elder Justesen can keep working with them so I can come back and see a few of them get Baptized! Meanwhile, Elder Young and I are going to see some incredible Miracles in one of the coolest places in the Mission.

Well the transfer is at an end and I'm beat. I'm going to take a nap now.

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