Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Missionary Parking

Apparently B is running a Half Marathon this week. How did she get roped into that one, since when does she ever run? I'm trying to run every day here. I'm burning fat but I'm also dropping muscle too. I'm skinnying up very slowly. I figure the rest will come off when I come home and can work it off.

Glad to hear you sent Elder Justesen a friend request! He`s seriously the best! I'm going to miss hanging out with him if either of us get transferred. Elder Justesen is a really quick typer and he has less emails to write every week! Remember I have a 4 Parents and 3 Siblings plus Dakota, Rach, Sho and Sometimes others. I never actually do have time. I really made it a goal to write better letters and emails this transfer and then I ended up working even harder with Elder Justesen and now my number one priority every P-day is sleeping. Something that I simply can't seem to get enough of. My leadership responsiblities are still going great, but they do have me busy. The biggest issue however is the fact that we teach a ton of lessons every day! We managed 6 lessons yesterday! It's great working with Elder Justesen, we work really well together. Like Elder Gallacher I think I've made a true friend for life here. It's funny though that neither Elder Justesen nor Elder Gallacher are from Utah ha ha. Our investigators are doing great. We've been working a lot with Okenchu, our chinese investigator. He's doing great. He knows what we teach is true and he wants to get baptized, we're just trying to help him find another Job that keeps him away from evil. He needed money so he started working at a night club which is kind of funny because he doesn't really drink. We're praying for a miracle and I'm praying I don't get transfered yet. It sounds like a lot of big changes are happening this transfer though. I'm convinced Elder Justesen becomes a trainer. He's just that awesome.

I'm working hard and keeping thoughts of home at bay. I did the math today and I believe I only have somewhere around 37 weeks left on my mission. I'm going to sprint to the finish. There is still a lot to do and a lot to learn. I also still need to be companions with Elder Healy. Today was Temple Day so I got to see him. Sounds like he's doing good. Today I had the chance to offer up my transfer to the Lord and I feel that he's pleased with the work I've rendered this transfer. I hope that I can continue this pattern for transfers to come. The Typhoon was bad but it hit early in the morning. Another one is supposed to hit on Saturday. They're saying it's one of the biggest ones in 10 years or something. I gotta say though, I've been rather underwhelmed by the Typhoons here.  Things are good otherwise. I'm happy and and healthy and although I'm tired I realize that I can sleep when I come home from my mission. A Good missionary should always be a little tired!

I couldn't get any good pictures this week. My camera battery was dead and I forgot to charge it so I'll have to put some more in a better email next week if I can. We're going to Nikko again as a Zone this time! Japan is the best!

Here is one pic though. I call this Missionary Parking (^o^)

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