Monday, October 14, 2013


Well I`m doing great! I`ll be honest I`m exhausted and with only a few weeks until Christmas I`m starting to catch the Holiday Spirit.  Christmas last year was strange but great. It`ll be interesting to experience Christmas away from home.

Elder Justesen and I have been working crazy hard this past week and have seen a lot of miracles. The next two weeks are also going to fly by. I`m kind of glad time is flying by, although it is a little scary. I come home 9 months from now.  That feels like an eternity, and also like no time at all. I am at least staying healthy. I`m actually dropping weight again and have been sleeping a lot better as a result of the running. I`m thinking that`s a habit that will stay with me when I come home. I heard about Kat and Uncle Ben from Elder Healy. We had a conference this past week and he and I got to hang out for a bit. He`s a pretty cool missionary. We`re going to start asking President Budge to put the two of us together. (^o^) we`ve made it too far to not be companions!

Sounds like things at home are going great! I don`t really get the deal with Mallorie and Curtis. Are they Married? Way Jealous you all went to the Pie. I seriously miss good Pizza. They just simple don`t have it here. 

We went to  Nikko again today and had a blast! I took a lot of pictures but I can`t send all of them, so I thought I`d throw in a few.

Elder Justesen was stoked to do a little hiking!

I`m not sure why Shohei wanted a picture of the back of  Elder Justesen`s head..

All these statues have red hats and scarfs. No one could tell us why....

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