Monday, July 8, 2013


Well folks this is going to be a very short update today but just so that it's on the record I want you to know that it's summer in Japan. And I can tell you Utah and Arizona have nothing on the heat here in the concrete Jungle. We hit 33 degress celcius (91 farenhiet)  today with 95% humidity. I didn't know it could be this hot ever. Seriously. I'll take 100 degrees and dry over this any day.

On a brighter note I learned some cool stuff this week including how to spell my name in Korean.

While Elder Kim is really not the easiest person to work with he is a really cool guy. He taught me a little Korean and we went and bought fried chicken and rootbeer for the 4th of July. It wasn't the best 4th of July I've ever had but probably not the worst.  I gotta tell you though, I really missed America this past week. There's a good chance I'll be home by the next 4th of July. It's crazy how time has suddenly sped up again. The year mark goes so slowly but after that things just really start moving. I'm excited to see what new things I learn and what fun miracles I see these next few transfers.

Since arriving in an area that does a music night every week as a form of Dendo I found myself empty handed. Rather than learn Ukelele(which I have anyway) I thought guitar would be great but there are now travel guitars worth buying here in Oyama.

Today I recieved a Martin Backpackers Guitar in the Mail. I'm excited. The rule is typically no Musical Instruments unless you're good enough to perform. It would appear that I'm an exception :) I'm excited to further my talents with guitar every Monday and Thursday.
Well that's all for the weekly update. I hope you're all well!

Have a great week and I'll write again soon!

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