Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I love throwing Japanse in these E-mails and imagining you scratching your heads as you try to decipher the strange glyphs that make up the Japanese Language.

This week was a big week for Elder Kim and I for two main reasons. Number one is that we are actually getting along now. He's a lot of fun to hang around.  Things still aren't perfect with our companionship but we're working together. That brings me to my second point!
Our investigator Kaori さん is getting baptized this week! She passed her interview last saturday. Her baptismal date is the 20th of this month. We've spent the last two days setting up the baptismal program for her. This marks my first baptism on my mission! We're really excited for her. She's been investigating for 15 months! She really has gained a lot of faith in the last few weeks. I'll be sure to take pictures and send them next week.
As District Leader I've been working closely with the Sisters in my District. During my nightly calls this week they informed me that they need a baptismal interview for their investigator too. I'm actually going over there this evening to do that. If she passes then my District will see two baptisms this coming weekend!
Oyama District all the way!
I find it interesting that all of these things are happening during the most trying time of my mission. The Lords timing is definitely not my own. That may even be the big lesson I needed to learn recently. Despite all the troubles I've had working through these past few weeks the Lord has blessed my district and I with some great miracles! I'm excited to see what's in store these following few weeks. It's been really hot in Oyama this week and we've spent as much time as possible working inside. As a result we've done some pretty funny stuff.
Elder Kim who's recently gotten very good at ukelele bought a Red Ukelele for Shohei, a recent convert, and then taught him how to play. It was pretty fun hanging out with these guys playing ukelele and guitar. Shohei has a unique talent where he puts on a wig and sunglasses and then transforms in Michael Jackson. (I'll explain later)  Elder Kim also has some well hidden incredible art abilities. He drew cartoon characters of me and of Sister Kubota. Sister Kubota's looks just like her, it's crazy.
We also had fun at music night this week.
That's the update this week!!
Love you all!
I'll write soon!

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