Monday, July 22, 2013

A Big Pork Sandwich and a Big Dissapointment

Hey Everyone
Well I'm sorry to report this bit of news but there wasn't a baptism this week. We planned one but our good friend got a little bit of cold feet.  We got an email 30 minutes before the baptismal service asking us to postpone it for a while. We still don't have a new date but this week we plan to follow up and work with her.  I guess she just felt that she'd committed to be baptized too early. It was a heavy blow for Elder Kim and I. We weren't expecting that result at all. Well.. there is no where to go but up. I think things will get better. We did have a fun time going to Lunch with a member this week. On Wednesday we all went to Lotteria and at the Big Pork Sandwich they offered for a limited time. It was 35cm in length and oh boy it was delicious. The pictures that Kiyotaka kyoudai took are super awesome.
Well that's all I have this week folks. Tune in next week for more fun in Oyama!


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