Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 3

Well it's P-day on the third week here in the MTC and things are going pretty good. It's hard to believe that i've already been here that long!
The time is just flying by. I've had so many cool experiences here i can't even remember them all. We had a cool opportunity to 
give one of the Sisters in our district a priesthood blessing because of a stomach infection that she got. Elder Bingham did the Annointing and Elder Barney 
our DL gave the blessing. Elder Barney is a great guy he really leads the district in a really positive way. We love him. I love our district. They are the coolest
group of missionaries ever and i love all of the せんせいたち that work really hard to teach us everything we need to know. Thanks for all the letters and packages and
e-mails from everyone, they are a huge booster during the week. I'm sorry if it takes so long to respond to all the mail they are super strict here so i really only get once a week to write. I guess it's ok though. Gotta stay focused right? Well that's all i've got time for today. I've gotta hurry and finish laundry so we can make it to an early temple session.
Do everything you can to feel the spirit more in your life the effects it will have on you are amazing. Thanks again everyone!

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