Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Month

Hello everybody!! so it's been a month!! crazy right? I don't feel like it's been that long, but i also feel like it's been forever, so pretty normal. Things are great here! It's P-day again and Elder Mosdell and I finally finished writing Christmas letters, doing laundry, and prepping our lesson. We even managed to make it to the temple this morning. We have TRC tomorrow morning and we're super excited about that. TRC is when you get to talk to members about real concerns they have. It's an awesome experience to talk to real people on a personal level and be able to help them in the gospel. I feel like now is an appropriate time to share about the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the best teacher there is. A few weeks ago we had Elder Yamashita spoke to us and one of the things he said was "if you speak from the bottom of your heart, the language will not hinder you and the spirit will carry your message and they will understand you." I testify of the truthfulness of that statement. Elder Mosdell and I are nowhere near fluent but we give killer lessons because we teach by the spirit. And when we teach by the spirit the language just comes. I'll catch myself thinking in japanese. How cool is that? If you keep the spirit in your life you will be blessed beyond measure. just a little info mail here goes off on the 23rd so if you send me stuff on the 22nd i may not get it until the 26th. Thanks for all the love everyone. Take care

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