Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas the Week Before Christmas

It's bright and early here in the MTC and Elder Mosdell and I are doing Laundry. We can't go to the Temple today so we're going to take the extra time we have to study.  Our 子灰(kohai - new missionaries) get here this coming wednesday and we have to SYL with them as much as possible. I'm planning to not speak to them in English for the whole first day,  ha ha could be fun. 
Oh, so you wanted to know about our districts. Our district is 2, our Branch is 27, our district is C, so District 27C.  Elder Hogue is in District 27B.  Districts 27A, B, C are currently the new districts, but
our Senpai, mentor/senior missionaries, leave on the 20th, then the Wednesday after Christmas we get our new kohai, junior missionaries,  and then districts D, E, F & G will be the new districts.  Christmas day is our halfway point.

Elder Mosdell and I have been given a special assignment from our branch president. This Christmas Sunday the MTC is holding a 2 hour long MTC wide sacrament meeting. Elder Mosdell and I are one of about 30 companionships who have been asked to pass the sacrament. Cool right?? We're excited we shined our shoes drycleaned our suits and he's getting a haircut today. A General Authority will be in attendance and there is a good chance we'll meet him. We think it's going to be Uchdorf but we aren't sure. 
Thank you all for the Christmas love and food. I have to share with my district there is no way I can eat it all! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I love you all.

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