Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Transfer calls just happened today. I'm plenty pleased with my transfer. I'm going to be a Zone Leader in Saitama West Zone (Sakado Area) with the Legendary Elder Chen on his last Transfer. It's going to be a blast!!
Okegawa (my old area) is in my zone so I'll get to visit it at some point. Elder Hansen is going to the other side of the Matsudo apartment to be with Elder Beckett. Elder LeFevre one of the District Leaders here will be Zone Leader with Elder Norman. Elder Day is going to Senzokuike (my old area) to finish training someone. It seems like everyone is pretty happy. We had a giant Zone P-day today to play sports and stuff while we all awaited transfer calls. Guess who else is a Zone Leader. Elder Justesen. He's transfer 5!! and Elder Gray who was in my district back in Oyama is also a Zone Leader at transfer 4!! crazy!! I knew that it would happen too. Those Elders are just way too good.

I'm gonna be sending home a small package this week, by boat mail. It will take about a month. Costs next to nothing so don't worry about that.

Things have been really good. I've learned a lot about myself during my time in Matsudo and I'm really looking forward to applying my new found knowledge in Sakado. This could be my last area. Who knows!
Sounds like B has got things figured out. Hopefully she's trying to follow promptings as well. She'd make an incredible missionary ;) I know that's her choice though.

We're getting Ipad Minis two weeks from now. Did I mention that? Every missionary gets an Ipad Mini with Facebook... not sure how that'll work. Updates soon!

Stay Healthy! Keep using the oils. I love peppermint. I could use another bottle of just peppermint actually. Also On Gaurd toothpaste rocks. I haven't even had a headache in like a month.

Give the family my love!

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