Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write!
Last week I was transfered. My new area is Sakado. It's a tiny area in Saitama-ken really close to my old area Okegawa.

I'd send you pictures of the apartment, but I somehow managed to lose my camera.

The apartment is crazy small. It was small when there were two people living here, it's even smaller now that there are four people living here. The area itself however is great! Sakado has been struggling in the past but that time of struggle is at an end. With eight missionaries and a ward that's super fired up we're sure to see success. Bishop Tetuanui (from Tahiti) has a tenacious plan that unites the ward in fasting and prayer for 28 days starting two days ago. He put his name was on the fasting calendar every other day and the members,  seeing that he  was fasting a lot more than his fair share volunteered to help out. Sakado is united in fasting and prayer and we're going to see the baptism that they've been waiting for for close to 3 years now. We're planning on a baptism on the 23rd of February at 1:00 pm. We don't know who it will be yet, but there are a lot of people that have a lot of potential.

My room mates are also a lot of fun. Elder Chen and I are having a blast. Yesterday we gave our zone training. The theme of the Training was preparing and sanctifying ourselves so that we can recieve the Lord's blessings. We talked alot about Changing our Natures and what the difference is between changing our behaviors and changing our natures. It was a great meeting. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to hear from Elder Whiting of the Seventy who is touring our mission. That's also happening in Sakado. We're going to be busy.

On the fun side of things, We had a pizza party a little while ago and had an absolute blast! It's too bad Elder Healy wasn't there to be with his 3 favorite people (^_^)  (I'd add pictures but the computer won't work ごめん!)

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