Monday, April 15, 2013


This is all my Cherry Blossom Pictures. The thing with Cherry Blossoms is they come for one week and then their gone! But I hope you enjoy these. I'll be sure to get some apartment pictures this week and send them to you next P-day. We haven't cleaned out apartment yet today and it's just a little bit of a mess. 

The work goes forward in Okegawa but we're struggling teaching Investigators consistently. They always have excuses for not meeting with us. That leaves the time to Dendo and we go streeting for hours. It's generally pretty fun. Elder Gallacher and I are pretty fearless with talking to people  and we've seen some great miracles. On Saturday between afternoon and priesthood sessions Elder Gallacher and I decided we'd do some streeting without our heavy backpacks and we only had about 40 minutes before Priesthood started so we grabbed a Book of Mormon and set a goal to give it to someone before we ran out of time. We ended up giving it to the 2nd person we talked to. People here do want to listen, the trick is getting them to commit to meet with you. We'll keep working hard though and hopefully continue to see some great miracles.

I actually don't really know what I like more. I think as a missionary I like the country or suburb areas more because the people are just as a rule friendlier. if you say konnichiwa, you almost always get one back. In Tokyo that doesn't happen hardly at all, the people are colder. But in Tokyo there are millions of things to see and do and it's fun sometimes to feel part of the daily rush. It's just a really busy city and I love the feel of the city because my whole life I've lived in rural suburb areas. It's just something new. It doesn't matter where I am though, every day I leave the apartment there is some crazy new thing to see or to learn. it's awesome. I love Japan.

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