Monday, April 15, 2013

金人の金曜日(Kinjin no Kinyoubi)

This was a crazy fast week here in Okegawa but it was full of Miracles!

We decided to call last Friday "Kinjin Kinyoubi" because the first person we talked to that day became and Investigator! and He's Golden! That's what Kinjin(Keen-Jeen) means literally golden person. I may have explained that before but hey I feel like it's my place to teach you all a little Japanese. We were headed to the Sato family's house to drop off a thank you card and saw a guy walking down the street. We called out and he stopped for us and we started talking. Turns out that he's Brazilian and he's been living in Japan for a while. The language barrier is no problem because he's fluent in Japanese, but I've started brushing up on my Spanish now too. Looks like my new goal is to be tri-lingual when I come home. (Senior Smith would be proud). Anyway, His name is Marcos and he's a really great guy, turns out that he's been looking for a church to come to because he doesn't like his Catholic church and his friend in Brazil actually gave him a Book of Mormon but he left it there when he moved to Japan so he asked us for another copy. After we made plans to get him a Portuguese copy we also mentioned our English class and he got even more excited. He wants to learn English! We'll definitely be seeing him this week. Brother Maeno our Brazillian brother in the ward is excited to meet him too. That'll be a blast! Lessons will probably be in Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese and maybe even a little English. That's not an experience you see every day!

Time for one more miracle. We're walking down the street after an appointment fell through and a little boy about 6 years old calls out to us.. "Hello!" he says. That's pretty common here in Japan when 2 americans are walking down the street, so we said hello and kept walking. Then... "What's your name?" the boy called after us. We froze. That's not so common and he said it with perfect pronounciation. We quickly back tracked and sparked a conversation. Then the Boy's Mom and sibling came up and we told her that her sons english was amazing and that we taught free english class. She was surprised but gracially took a flyer as we High fived the 3 kids and left. 2 hours later we got an E-mail from that mom and the 4 of them came to English class Saturday Morning!
It was so cool! 

These past few days have been great we did some dendo, watched conference, ate some really really good food that the members made for us and today Elder Gallacher and I hit up the batting cages a few blocks from out apartment. Since you all probably think all we do is play, here is a picture from Friday that proves we are working! Isn't it cool?

We took it from a street corner mirror while we were doing some housing. The next picture is one of the many reasons I love Japanese people and their English abilities, for those of you who think that making fun of asians who can't say their Ls is racist you should see this.

Can you see what's wrong? :) I love Japan, it's the best.

Before I go here is neat fact: Okegawa is home a Coke Bottling Factory. That's pretty cool right?

I love you all have a great week!!!

P.S. Yesterday (Sunday) I had the privilege of experiencing 2 Earthquakes. One a 4.3 hit during General Conference and a second 3.6ish hit while we were brushing our teeth. It was CRAZY!!! Earthquakes are seriously the weirdest thing.

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