Monday, March 11, 2013

The Fruits of Our Labors

Yakitori and Root Beer!! That's about as awesome as it get!

We decided to buy these spoils from a little bar near our apartment when we were coming back for the evening. We walk past it everyday and thought we'd give it a shot. It was fantastic. Especially after a full day of Proselyting.

This week was a turning point in Senzokuike.  Honestly it's been the busiest week of my mission thus far. It was crazy.  Tuesday we did Splits with our Zone Leaders and I went to Shibuya with Elder Hogue. (Fact: The Shibuya Elder's apartment is the most expensive Elder's apartment in the world, two companionships live there.  The Sister's apartment is the the most expensive Missionary Apartment in the world that being said they aren't incredibly nice apartments, it's just the location. Shibuya is an Expensive place.) Elder Hogue and I knew each other before the mission and were in the same group in the MTC so it was a lot of fun to get together with him. We dendoed (janglish) in Hiiro which is where the temple is and we did it all in English. Shibuya has 2 areas just like Senzokuike but it also has 6 missionaries. Japanese proselyting eisters and elders and then English proselyting elders. It was a lot of fun. Elder Hogue is one of my heroes and it was a blast working with him. I learned a lot. I still feel like I'm learning at a crazy fast rate and that it isn't fast enough but the difference now I think is that I can really focus on the important things I need to learn, like stuff for lessons.  When we split back with our companions and went back to our respective areas Elder Tauchi and I were talking and decided that we needed to work harder. That we were doing a good job but that for the next 3 weeks we were going to go the "Extra Mile." We were both pumped after splits and from then we've been going like crazy all week. And it's paying off! We found 3 new investigators this week and a man we met on Thursday, Kawasaki-San, has a baptismal date! We're excited! Hopefully we can continue to see Miracles this week as well. Next P-day is Temple day so my e-mail will likely be very small and it'll come on Tuesday.

Take Care!  I love you all!

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