Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Down to Business

Things are going great. It's starting to warm up finally. Elder Tauchi and I are breaking out the short sleeves. Kawasaki-san is doing great, he has desire to learn so hopefully he'll continue to read and meet with us. It looks like he'll miss his date by 1 or 2 weeks but only because we can't meet with him enough. He's really busy this week but we'll probably meet him Thursday and again on Sunday. If possible we'll teach him over the phone tonight, or give him homework.

People here a great at saying no. There are some who will say yes and go along with it but most people say are great about saying no. I guess it makes our job easier because if they say no then we can try with the next person right away. There are A LOT of people to talk to!! I'd say we talk to 50-ish people a day. maybe a little less since recently we're teaching more lessons than finding, which is nice.

It's crazy that there will be so many missionaries from our ward out. We currently have 140 something in Tokyo. When the mission splits both missions will have 250!   There will be a lot of missionaries in Tokyo!!  We're really excited to see what happens, I'm hoping that I can stay in Tokyo Mission. I think Elder Healy wants to go to Tokyo South. It'll be interesting to see what happens. It's a good time to be in Japan!

Lots of Love,

 P.S. I ate lunch with Elder Healy and Elder Kerr today. That was fun.

Colonel Sanders holding a Dragon Ball. I took this today in Hiroo. Make sure Nick See's this ha ha.

Takoyaki! These little round balls are battered and fried octopus and they are soooo goood! They make them the coolest way!

Pac Man: In the window of a classroom at Tokyo Tech. We were out streeting when I saw it.

The Omata Family and Friends: One of our investigators and her friends and family. We had a party where we made okonomiyaki. Chiharu the little boy is so awesome.

Gotanda: A beautiful day here in Tokyo. Like I said, Concrete Jungle. 

Part of his letter to B:

bahahah! that's so awesome! i'm so stoked for you b! the sign looks great and so does the note. haha pretty easy to understand japanese. prom ni ikimasuka? ha ha i love it. I'm gonna start writing you notes too! You gotta study it so we can have a secret language. I'm glad you got asked to prom. I like the dress it's beautiful. Have a lot of fun at the dance. the picture of you and the girls is super cute too. take care of them :) hey get after nick will you? he won't email me back. punk. Have another great week B. I love you.

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