Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shocking Annoucement/I Totally Predicted It

Hello Friends and Family!

Well the topic of my letter this week is of some controversy!

On Feb 23rd at 10:00 in the Morning we were told by President Budge that the Mission would be splitting.  The same day the Church announced 58 new missions World Wide.

The New Mission will be the Tokyo South Mission and this mission will stay the Tokyo Mission. The name will not change.

We're unsure exactly how the Elders and Sisters will be split but we do know that we are losing the Yokohama Stake, Fujisawa Stake, Machida Stake, and the English Stake in the Area. The Mission boundaries for the Tokyo mission has also changed and we now go all the way North to Nigata, Which is in the Sendai mission currently. The mission is buzzing with this info. I'm shocked as well, but I predicted it. I'm sitting in the living room of our apartment looking at stats and say "Hey with all the new missionaries coming in they could split the mission." and Elder Tauchi totally agreed with me and then 2 days later we got the news, I wigged out. It's sad because it's separates people from old areas, areas they wanted to go to and friends. It does however mean that we'll be able to focus our efforts more. I know if I've said this before but with the mission the way it is there are approximately 7 million people in Tokyo Zone. Last time I checked there were 23 full time proselyting missionaries. If you do the math that's over 300,000 people per missionary. Well over 600,000 per companionship. We don't have the resources to talk to 600,000 people.

That's the exciting news this week. Things have been good other than that. Elder Tauchi and I are sick but getting better. Well I am at least, Elder Tauchi is going to cough up a lung any second I think. It's a quiet P-day for us.

These are a few Snippets of the Week:
Here's our lunch today. I Introduced Elder Tauchi to Sloppy Joes he loves them. It was awesome.

The other picture is of Brother Busso. He's from Italy and he's a chef.   He's the craziest most passionate man I've ever met, then again he is Italian. He's so awesome.

This is Shibuya. A panorama of Shibuya stole from Elder Tauchi. We went there last Thursday. I dare you to count the people.

Well that was this week! Thanks for all the love and support!
Take care and pray often. I'll write a much more solid letter next week. I just really wanted to share the news!

Love from Tokyo
Elder G

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