Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Week in Senzokuike

Hey Everyone!
It's a bad start to my weekly e-mailing but i just don't have time to answer everyone's e-mails in depth!
I'll answer what i can every week but plan on getting a big update e-mail from me every week!

I'm in Senzokuike which is an awesome awesome area. It's about 20 minutes from Shibuya, which is like the most
downtown place in Tokyo. When people think Tokyo, they think of Shibuya. Senzokuike is like a suburb i guess but it feels
more densely populated than even salt lake city. It's in tokyo zone though which is cool!!
Elder Roberts and Elder Hogue are my zone leaders! Elder Roberts was my zone leader when i was in Takasaki! He goes
home this Transfer and Elder Hogue is my doki. He was with me in the MTC and was my zoneleader there too! They're awesome missionaries
In senzokuike we have 2 wards. The Senzokuike ward and the Tokyo 2nd Ward the tokyo ward is an english ward which is awesome.
We taught 21 lessons last week. the mission record is 26 if that tells you anything.
I was companions with Elder Lee and Elder Tauchi. Elder Lee just left to go to the Honbu to be recorder but
Elder Tauchi is here with me. We're a good team! We teach some in English and some in Japanese!

Today was Temple P-day so we went to the temple and I saw all my friends. Elder Bingham, Elder Healy, Sister O'rourke, Elder Mosdell. Elder Vandegraff, The Lot!!
Here's a couple of pictures of the day. After the Temple we went and to an American Diner in Yokohama. It was a blast!
Well until next week!
Love frome senzokuike

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