Monday, September 30, 2013

Braizilain Baptism?

Hey all!

Well this week has been a crazy week!! We've been working super hard to get all of our Investigators progressing. We' ve been teaching a lot more than usual and It's been a blast! You wouldn't believe how good Elder Justesen is at Japanese. He's only been in Japan for 2 Months! It's good he's skilled at learning languages because he may have to learn Portuguese before the end of the transfer. Last week we found a Brazillian family that just moved to Japan about two weeks ago. After visiting with them twice. The wife Aparecida called the Oizumi (Portuguese speaking) Elders and said that she loved us coming and teaching and that if we wanted her to be baptized then she really wanted to be a member of our church! We're going back tomorrow to offer a Baptismal Commitment (I have a baptismal commitment memorized in Portuguese, I think sometimes I forget that I'm in Japan). We teach the lessons in a mix of Spanish, Portuguese (The Higher Language according to Elder Apolonio) and Japanese. They're super great investigators. They have all been reading the Book of Mormon as well!  That's the main news. Our other friend Shun has recently informed us that the things we keep teaching about finally all make sense and that when he prays he feels good. I'm so excited to see him continue to progress. He's so cool. I feel like he's my Japanese little brother. He's really busy this week but were going to try to set a Baptismal Date with him as well, he already wants to get Baptized. We're looking golden for a few Baptisms this transfer. I know it's all because the Lord trusts us in our Area. Elder Justesen and I are working so hard. This week will be the true test as we strive to reach for the stars and end the week with 20 lessons. If we can reach 20 lessons we'll see several baptisms this transfer.

I'm really greatful for the opportunity I have to be a Missionary. There have been many times on my mission where I've viewed it as a sacrifice, a challenge to overcome or simply a task to complete. In reality it is the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been so blessed to serve here amongst my Japanese (and Peruvian and Brazilian) Brothers and Sisters and help them come unto Christ. I've learned a near impossible language and a little of a few others on the side and I've learned so much more about my Savior and his atonement. To anyone who can see this letter and is contemplating serving a mission; I as a Missionary invite you to act on your impressions and serve the Lord.  You will not regret it I promise you that. I know that God lives and he loves his Children and I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can find true happiness.

Thanks always for the Love and support everyone! You're the best!
Have a wonderful week! The weather is cooling down and the leaves are changing colors.
Enjoy Fall while it lasts Winter is just around the corner.
I love you all!

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