Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Week/First Letter

I'm writing you all on the morning of day 3.  It's been crazy the last few days, day 1 was total Japanese immersion.  After check-in we went to our residence halls, then to class.  That's where I met my district leader and my companion Elder Mosdell.  Our classroom instructor is really energetic.  He runs around yelling things in Japanese and it's super funny.  Tonight we have to teach our first investigator in Japanese.  Neither me nor my companion know more than a few phrases in Japanese.  Since I'm senior companion I'm trying to keep Elder Mosdell and myself organized.  We haven't had much time to sit down and pland and stuff yet.  They keep us busy.  After Sunday though we have the same schedule for 10 weeks.  Hopefully we'll get a little time to plan our days, and plan some time to study the language by ourselves.   Our goal is to learn 20 words a day as a companionship!  Yeah, we have high hopes!  Tomorrow is P-Day so I'll be able to go to the temple and stuff.  I love you all.  I hope things are still good around the house and in Florida.  The spirit is really strong here and the language learning is really fast.  I know more and speak more Japanese now than in high school.  I have to write 12 3-5 minute talks.  That's a lot!  They call us up at random on Sundays.  Anyway I've got to go, but I figured I 'd write you and tell you all about the first few days.

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